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The active ingredient in any organization is its people. Design Workshop believes that organizations progress only through employees who progress. Tapping the potential of people requires a plan for and commitment to their continuous development and lifelong learning.

Design Workshop expresses its belief in these propositions by working to create a learning organization- a living, changing entity defined by what it knows and its potential to learn. The concept of a learning organization challenges a company to use knowledge as a basis for its competitive growth strategy and to see learning as the foundation of its ability to thrive. “Assets” are measured by the organization's storehouse of knowledge, not its inventory of goods. As a result, we maximize the potential of individuals and the firm in order to achieve ever-evolving objectives. Opportunities and organizational processes that support learning are built into every work activity.

Through this process, we re-create ourselves. We re-perceive the world and our relationship to it. We extend our capacity to create, and to be part of an on-going, self-design process. We acquire intellectual capital with enormous value. By investing in our people, we provide a comprehensive foundation for the organization, where the ultimate beneficiary of continuous development is each individual.

For several decades, Design Workshop has hosted a variety of internship programs for both students and professionals in the field of landscape architecture, urban design, planning, and other related professions. Our various internship programs have been developed to serve the following purposes:

  • Introduce students and professionals to our firm and our projects
  • Provide an opportunity for Design Workshop to develop relationships with future graduates for full time positions following graduation
  • Play a role in shaping the education of future professionals in our industry
  • Provide for the cultural exchange of design philosophies and ideas

Current Semester and Long-term Internship opportunities, if available, are posted on our Careers page.

To learn more about these opportunities, please contact Human Resources.

Internship Opportunities Available:

Work Study

Most of the Design Workshop offices develop working relationships with local university students and faculty, and whenever possible, look to university talent in filling production and design needs on a part-time/ work study basis. We have provided internship opportunities to students of other disciplines also, such as marketing, business, real estate, etc.

Semester and Long-term Internship Program

The firm provides winter break, semester and six to twelve month internships for students who are required or desire to seek out experience in the professional working world. Students are usually a year from completing their studies and are required to work as an intern before graduation or are interested in acquiring office experience and take an approved leave from that program. Opportunities are also available for students currently in between undergraduate and graduate programs. Current Semester and Long-term Internship opportunities, if available, are posted on our Careers page.

Summer Internship Program

This program is designed to expose students to a collaborative, professional office environment and a team of experienced design professionals. Selected individuals will participate in a 10 week internship in a Design Workshop office, beginning in June. Students will be exposed to both the creative and business environment. Assignments will vary and may include project research, site visits, sketching, computer production, design reviews and assisting on marketing proposals.

Recent graduates as well as students pursuing degrees in landscape architecture, urban design or planning are encouraged to apply. In an effort to continue to be sensitive to the environment and to limit the use of precious resources, Design Workshop encourages qualified applicants to post a cover letter, resume and portfolio through our online Employment Application. Please select "Summer Internship" as the position for which you are applying.

Dr. Charles Fountain Internship

The purpose of this program is to honor diversity in academia. Established in 2004, the Dr. Charles Fountain Internship was created to assist under-represented minority students in gaining "real life experience" in an office environment.

Dr. Charles Fountain founded the landscape architecture program of North Carolina A&T State University in 1977 and retired in 1989. Dr Fountain's visionary thinking saw the need for minority landscape architecture professionals in design, planning and management of the environment and to facilitate a program in Landscape Architecture at a Historically Black College or University (HBCU).

The North Carolina A&T Landscape Architectural program is the first and only fully accredited undergraduate program of its type at any historically black university in the United States. Dr. Charles Fountain passed away in August 2000 but his legacy lives on.

Each year, the firm will consider under-represented minority students from undergraduate or graduate landscape architecture programs to participate in our summer internship program.

African Americans, Latinos, Native Alaskans, Native Americans and Native Pacific Islanders are under-represented within our profession and are encouraged to apply.