DW Legacy Design®

We believe that when environment, economics, art and community are combined in harmony with the dictates of the land and needs of society, magical places result–sustainable places of timeless beauty, significant value and enduring quality, places that lift the spirit. Design Workshop is dedicated to creating Legacy projects–for our clients, for society and for the well-being of our planet.

Continuous feedback is the cornerstone of our design process. The landscapes in which we work range from discrete sites, often with complex issues, to vast regions. We begin by studying their limitations and potential. We then match those qualities to our clients' objectives and to market reality. At every phase, we engage stakeholders and discuss alternatives with clients. These methods are proven to reconcile diverse and even conflicting priorities, leading to better solutions and timely processes. The same principles result in a grand vision ensuring long-term success of a project. Design Workshop has mastered the challenges of planning and design in diverse project settings, from fragile ecosystems to urban sites in rapidly changing cities. Our success at solving design problems with complex conditions provides us with the experience to address challenging environments around the world.


DW Legacy Design®

We believe that when environment, art, community and economics are combined with the dictates of the land and the needs of society, magical places result—sustainable places of timeless beauty, significant value and enduring quality, places that lift the spirit.

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DW Legacy Design® is a comprehensive approach to planning and design delivering measurable project outcomes in the areas of environment, community, economics and art. These four values broaden the concept of triple-bottom-line accounting by including art or aesthetics which are essential to human meaning and the spirit of place. The idea is symbolized by four overlapping circles, one for each element. The center of these rings, where the four are in balance, result in the ideal profile for a project. If a project begins with a heavy emphasis on one element, the process seeks to move it as close to the center as possible to broaden its impact.

DW Legacy Design® is a defining characteristic of Design Workshop’s practice. It is our commitment to an elevated level of design inquiry and to a design envelope that tackles bigger issues beyond the mapped boundaries of the project. It insists that our work reflects the critical issues facing the planning and landscape architecture professions and delivers measurable benefit to clients and communities. The process facilitates complex planning and design decision-making in an efficient manner to achieve comprehensive, measurable and innovative results.

To demonstrate thought leadership and to deliver design of extraordinary quality and impact, our project approach is based on the following foundational principles of Legacy Design: