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Lake Tahoe Office


In addition to work in resort and tourism planning and design, the office concentrates on master planning and strategic services, including the Northstar Tourism Master Plan.

Lake Tahoe is an ancient body of water, with a history of primal forces that have molded it into its current form as the "Jewel of the Sierras." Today, Lake Tahoe is a magnificent site to behold with 72 miles of shoreline surrounded by snow-capped peaks. With deep cold waters of crystal blue and lush green forests, Lake Tahoe is the perfect setting for every outdoor activity imaginable. The residents of the Lake Tahoe Basin are the guardians of this paradise and they accept this responsibility with pride.

While hotel/casinos and ski resorts draw millions of guests each year, the main attraction continues to be the quiet beauty of the Sierra and the timeless inspiration of the lake itself.

The Lake Tahoe office is led by Principals Steve Noll and Stephanie Grigsby. Please contact them for business development inquiries.