Hackberry Gully Regional Park

Mont Belvieu, Texas


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Located within the Hackberry Gully watershed, the 200-acre Hackberry Gully Regional Park was conceived by the City of Mont Belvieu to provide stormwater detention for the entire watershed in a park-like environment.

The team developed conceptual recommendations reflecting the responses received from the City and interested stakeholders from within the community. The outcome of the public engagement process solidified direction for park amenities harmonious with stormwater management, wetland mitigation, passive recreation and native restoration. This philosophy of design is especially important given the park’s location within the city and region. City Council unanimously approved the master plan in July 2016.

The project’s four primary principles:

  1. Reimagine stormwater as a multi-functional amenity
  2. Create and ecologically restorative resource
  3. Provide community programming for a growing population
  4. Establish the Park as a unique destination

A series of goals, metrics and strategies supported the four principles and helped to drive design and programming of the site.

  • The master plan provides for 518 acre-feet of stormwater detention, which will be passively treated through the implementation of wetlands along the periphery of the ponds and in gardens throughout the park.
  • 147 acres of diverse habitats are provisioned including woodland, meadow/prairie, wetland and aquatic ecologies.
  • The master plan adds over 7.5 miles of trails to Mont Belvieu, increasing access and transportation options that will elevate the physical health and emotional wellbeing of the citizenry.
  • Art elements, gateways and landform composition were critical to imbuing the site with a strong identity and sense of place. Over 40 acres of the Park are dedicated to arts and landmarks which will foster a unique character to the site and make the Park and regional destination.

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